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29 October 2004 Updated by: nZero/Prion

Nice to see you again, faithful visitors! The Void continues going strong through 2004! With the oft delayed rewrite and redesign now planned for the beginning of 2005, here's one last maintenance update on the old site. The most important new feature is the Hosted Sites page, a list of the fine webpages hosted here on voidaudio.net! It's all part of getting everything ready behind the scenes, but it's something I think is important to get out there. As always, the MIDI sequence page has been updated. The new guys are Twin Cobra's first stage-- "Break A Leg!", and "Zero" from Mega Man X2. Also, many older sequences have been updated to increase compatibility across MIDI devices. Not to mention the WIP pages seeing some revision, like usual. See you next year, gang!

22 April 2004 Updated by: nZero/Prion

The first update of 2004 brings a bit of big news-- The Void can now be reached at voidaudio.net! I was hoping to have the site redesigned to reflect the new circumstances by now, but oh well. The new site will be ready before too long, and I hope everyone likes it. In other news, I sequenced the Ending and Staff Roll from the NEC SuperGrafx game Aldynes way back in January, and it's just finding its way onto the site now. You can tell I've been busy with 4 months between updates and only one sequence and nothing else really new to show for it. Ah well, summer's almost here, hopefully I won't be too distracted by the nice weather to keep up work on the site, huh? Anyway, don't forget to update your bookmarks! Later crew!

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