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Hosted Sites and Affliliates

Hosted by voidaudio.net

Site Name & Link Description
The Void The site you're at now! PC Audio Information and a selection of music files.
VGFUN The funnest place on IRC, #vgfun, has a nearly as fun homepage! Have fun or die.
The PurpleGuppy Video Game MIDI Repository I think the title pretty much says it all. This is JILost's rockin' musicpage.
LakeShore Consulting Group Got a small-to-midsized business? Need a hand? LakeShore is there to help!
Symbiote GFX A combination personal site and portfolio for a provider of graphic design services.

Affiliate Sites

Site Name & Link Description
Sound Synthesis Q&A Information Database A site designed to clear the mystery from synthesis and digital audio-- presented in a Q&A format.

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